CardEasy Analytics

CardEasy Analytics is available for all of our secure payment solutions and provides your organization with a range of flexible reporting and useful data analysis tools. With real-time dashboards and customizable reports, it gives you visibility on key metrics within your contact center operation and provides a rich source of data on service levels, customer interactions and payment transactions.

Continuous monitoring of your CardEasy instances

CardEasy Analytics provides powerful data insights to help further optimize your contact center performance

CardEasy Analytics provides you with live status pages, allowing you to view the current status of each regional CardEasy instance, as well as the CardEasy core service (hosted globally in AWS) for both our fully cloud-based and on-premise/cloud hybrid deployment models. You can also subscribe to alerts for real-time events that could affect service.

CardEasy Analytics provides you with the ability to track the effectiveness of using CardEasy for secure and PCI DSS compliant payments, with analytics on successful and abandoned payments.

Key benefits of CardEasy Analytics

  • Live service and activity monitoring 
  • Revenue tracking 
  • Full visibility of successful, failed and abandoned transactions and payment card data captures
  • Inbound and outbound call management data   
  • Flexible reporting tools (real-time and historic) with dashboards  
  • Exportable data  
  • Staff monitoring and quality control input, to highlight user training or scripting requirements  
  • Optimizes customer experience through continuous monitoring for improvements 
  • A secure platform that is fully compliant with PCI DSS, GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

All CardEasy solutions are designed, developed and maintained by Syntec, a PCI DSS Level 1 service provider since 2011; Visa Merchant Agent; Participating Organization of the global Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council; and fully ISO 27001, 9001, 22301 and 14001 accredited.

The cardeasy suite

More than just one solution

All the CardEasy secure payment solutions work seamlessly together, as well as integrating with your existing systems, ensuring that your customers receive a consistent and user-friendly payment experience whatever channel they decide to use.

Whether you choose to use CardEasy for agent assisted, IVR or digital payments (or all three), your customers’ payment card data is never seen or heard by your agents, or stored in your environment or call recordings, meaning your environment is fully de-scoped from the PCI DSS controls.