Case studies

We’ve deployed CardEasy in all kinds of organizations across multiple industries, geographic locations and sizes. Take a look at some of our case studies to find out more about how other organizations like yours are already using CardEasy to secure their payments.

A large American insurance company

"The technical team at CardEasy were always there to help us work through any issues. The team did what they said they were going to do, they committed and they executed and they made the project happen."

Large US retailer

"We have had positive feedback from lots of different stakeholder groups. The customer service reps tell us that the customers are pleased with the solution. Our global risk and compliance team are delighted with it. We became PCI compliant, primarily because of the CardEasy solution. Our compliance people are happy, our customers are happy and our customer service organisation is happy. I would be very happy to recommend CardEasy to any organisation."

Parts Town

"CardEasy is a very simple system to implement, it’s cost-effective and they are a Level 1 service provider, so they are also able to provide all the necessary documentation for a PCI DSS audit."


"The main benefit for us is that our customers know that their card details are safe. We don't store their card details in any way. It's all about giving our customers that peace of mind. As a contact center agent, if you call and make a booking with me, I don’t have access to your card details. You don't have to worry about your card details being fraudulently used by somebody because they are never exposed. The benefit for us is the customer's peace of mind."


"The level of engagement we’ve had from the CardEasy team has been great. The selling points of CardEasy are obviously that it has an attractive price point and its ease of use, but the biggest selling point, certainly from my perspective as the IT service delivery manager, is the level of service that we get from the CardEasy team. For me, that’s worth its weight in gold."

Major US healthcare benefits firm

"The price was important, and the fact that it was a hosted solution, and the ease of implementation, but it was also really important to find a company that was good to work with. I just found that you guys were just so amazing from sales to tech support; just great to work with. It was probably one of the best implementations that I’ve seen in my career."

Charles Tyrwhitt

"Syntec has helped us improve our call centre service levels and make cost efficiencies – a real win-win, backed up by very responsive levels of customer service."


"Miele selected Syntec’s pioneering, hosted CardEasy system to enrich customer service whilst de-scoping us from large sections of PCI DSS regulations, which otherwise require significant cost and effort to satisfy."

Allied Irish Bank

"The CardEasy solution – being in call – has enabled us to manage PCI compliance without the need for us to transfer a call to an IVR. This is key for us in terms of engaging with the customer on the phone and building rapport, without transferring the call to an automated system where we are not on the end of the line in support."


"We chose Syntec because they had the solution that we needed to de-scope our live contact centre agent and IVR environment. Syntec was the only vendor that provided the flexibility to integrate with our home-grown systems because their system can be cloud-based, with no requirement to change any of our existing IT. The same flexibility offered by TokenEx was offered by Syntec."


"Overall we’re very happy with CardEasy. We need systems that support our high quality customer service ethos and meet our commercial requirements and in our case, CardEasy matches those needs and does exactly what it promised."


"Every call made or received routes via CardEasy before it connects to our infrastructure. In all the years that we’ve been working with Syntec I can count on one hand the number of times there’s been any kind of problem. I haven’t phoned Syntec once in the last year with technical issues."