Legacy products

Cloud-hosted contact center management solutions

Syntec offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based products which enable you to manage all aspects of your contact center efficiently and cost effectively.

  • The reliable, feature-rich and low cost AgentCall system allows you to improve efficiency and expand your contact center with ease.
  • Market-leading reporting capability lets your contact center managers know exactly what’s going on in the contact center at all times – including homeworkers and multi-sites.
  • Reliable and flexible network-based queue management systems help you keep abandoned calls and disgruntled customers to a minimum.
  • A cost-effective call control solution enables you to re-route and re-point numbers throughout your network of contact centers and homeworkers.
  • Missed call alerts send you an email within seconds of a missed call, so your customer care staff can ring back straight away and repair the damage.
  • Syntec’s IVR system enables you to automatically identify and segment callers and prioritise, direct or divert their calls to the appropriate agent, whether onsite or remote.
  • Our outbound dialler technology is fully compliant with Ofcom regulations and enables you to coordinate single or multiple outbound call campaigns efficiently.

Call tracking and analytics – measure your marketing

Syntec offers a range of products designed to help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing – ResponseTrack, ScreenView and after-call surveys

How does ResponseTrack measure your marketing?

ResponseTrack dynamically replaces the telephone number (or product code) on your website so that each visitor sees a unique number. Calls using that number can then be linked to that individual, giving you powerful insight into the behaviour of any website visitors that call your contact center. ResponseTrack delivers real time prospect and customer information to your contact center agents and marketing managers.

  • Seeing how callers found your site helps you focus your marketing spending on those sources that generate the most profitable leads, be it search engine optimisation, PPC or building affiliate links.
  • See which are the most common words and phrases searched for on your website, giving you valuable information to help optimise the design of your site.
  • Measure the effectiveness and ROI of your online marketing even for enquiries and sales that come through by telephone.
  • Link to your existing CRM system for accurate analysis and attribution of your cost per enquiry and cost per sale even when users move between channels.
  • Route calls to specific departments based on what the caller has been looking at during their web session.

From PSTN and VoIP to DTMF suppression and analytics

The world of traditional telephony, PSTN (public switched telephony network), is changing rapidly. Voice traffic, once the sole constituency of expensive private circuits, is now quickly being moved to cheaper more widely available networks based on the internet protocols TCP/IP.

Despite the hype, the telephony world is still heavily reliant on the older tried and trusted PSTN technology. The large national carriers, such as BT in the UK, have announced a planned migration to ‘next generation networking’ which seeks to replace the PSTN network completely with IP compliant equipment. These networks will offer much greater integration and full convergence of voice, data and video services.

In the meantime, businesses and their service providers must ensure that new investment in telecommunications makes best use of the emerging technology whilst retaining full compatibility with the existing network infrastructure, and just as importantly, with the next generation networks when they finally arrive.

Syntec has invested heavily in PSTN and TCP/IP infrastructure and has sound, practical experience of merging these very different technologies. Customers who purchase their VoIP connectivity from Syntec can be assured that they will continue to enjoy full functionality, regardless of the method the large carriers choose to deliver their ‘dial-tone’ services.

If you are looking for products and services in this increasingly complex sector, then you should speak to Syntec first. From line rental, SIP trunks and numbering through to IVR, call routing & recording and even new technologies such as DTMF suppression, tracking & analytics, we can help.