Digital payments

CardEasy Digital provides a secure payment solution for the growing range of digital interaction channels which consumers are demanding. Consumers now expect to be able to make reliable and secure payments via their digital platform of choice, whether that’s email, SMS, webchat, social media or any other digital channel. CardEasy Digital offers a full suite of omnichannel payment solutions that keep your customers’ data safe whilst ensuring PCI DSS compliance.


Secure digital payments

Having the ability to take quick and convenient payments from your customers via their digital channel of choice will give you an edge over your competitors, as well as providing a frictionless journey for your customers. It can also help increase payment conversion rates, as there is no risk of losing sales by asking customers to switch channels to complete payment transactions. When using CardEasy Digital there are no restrictions on the applications your agents can use, meaning they can take secure payments via all of your existing engagement channels. As with all of our CardEasy products, your contact center environment and agents are never exposed to your customers’ payment details, which fully de-scopes both from PCI DSS.

CardEasy Digital – 6 steps to secure digital payments

How CardEasy Digital works

When a customer is talking to an agent via a digital channel and needs to make a payment, the agent generates and sends a single-use secure HTML payment link or QR code. This provides the customer a secure branded payment page on which they enter their payment details. 

For any live chat options, the agent remains connected to the customer at all times during the transaction. CardEasy Digital provides the agent with real-time visibility of the customer’s progress, but the card details are only visible as asterisks. 

If payment is requested via email or SMS channels, the agent can send the customer a secure link to complete payment, which can be set to expire after a chosen duration. 

Once card data is captured via the digital channel, it is securely submitted to your payment services provider for authorization. The transaction is completed and communicated back in real-time to your agent and back-office systems.

Real-time reporting with CardEasy Analytics allows you to track the effectiveness of these secure payment links, showing you part-completed or abandoned payments, which may benefit from being followed up.

The benefits of CardEasy Digital

  • Provides your customers with reassurance that you are handling their payment card data securely, improving brand trust and protecting your reputation.
  • Fully de-scopes your digital payment channels from PCI DSS.
  • CardEasy Digital allows your customers to make payments quickly and securely across a wide range of digital channels.
  • The solution is extremely flexible, quick to implement and easy to integrate with your existing systems (if required).
  • Being fully cloud-based, CardEasy Digital does not require any additional hardware.
  • Seamless in-channel payments mean that there is no disruption to your customers’ experience.
  • Your customers can be sent reminders to pay, including as a follow up to an e-commerce inquiry or incomplete shopping cart with an invitation to use the secure link or QR code to pay there and then, to increase conversion rates and sales.
  • It can be used with any third party platform (e.g. email, web/live chat, SMS, etc), CRM systems and payment or tokenization providers.
  • Using CardEasy Digital reassures your customers that their payment data is safe.

All CardEasy solutions are designed, developed and maintained by Syntec, a PCI DSS Level 1 service provider since 2011; Visa Merchant Agent; Participating Organization of the global Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council; and fully ISO 27001, 9001, 22301 and 14001 accredited.

The cardeasy suite

More than just one solution

All the CardEasy secure payment solutions work seamlessly together, as well as integrating with your existing systems, ensuring that your customers receive a consistent and user-friendly payment experience whatever channel they decide to use.

Whether you choose to use CardEasy for agent assisted, IVR or digital payments (or all three), your customers’ payment card data is never seen or heard by your agents, or stored in your environment or call recordings, meaning your environment is fully de-scoped from the PCI DSS controls.