IVR Payments

CardEasy IVR Payment uses DTMF masking to allow your customers to make secure, PCI DSS-compliant payments whenever they want to, without needing to speak to one of your agents. If your customers prefer not to use their phone keypad, payment can also be taken by ASR (automatic speech recognition). CardEasy IVR Payment is ideal for balance payments, donations, subscription services and other regular transactional payments where agent assistance is not required, enabling you to be ‘always open’ to take payments.

24/7 secure self-service payment solution for contact centers

Secure contact center payments

Using CardEasy IVR Payment means your customer’s payment data never enters your call center environment, ensuring both your contact center and call recordings are de-scoped from PCI DSS. This is possible either using your existing IVR or by using the fully hosted CardEasy IVR solution if you prefer. The IVR prompts the customer to enter their payment card details but the data is captured by CardEasy, not by the IVR. While the customer is typing or speaking their card numbers, CardEasy automatically blocks the audio path towards the IVR so that it does not ‘hear’ the payment card data, thus de-scoping the IVR from PCI DSS completely.

CardEasy IVR Payment – 6 steps to secure IVR payments

Key benefits of Cardeasy IVR Payment

  • Provides your customers with 24x7x365 self-service
  • Can either be integrated with your existing IVR platform or fully hosted by us
  • Works with either touch tones or spoken language (DTMF and speech recognition)
  • Removes your IVR from PCI DSS scope
  • Gives your customers a simple and quick payment process
  • Increases the volume of calls your contact center can deal with at any one time
  • Can be used with all service providers, CRM systems, and payment service providers (PSP)

All CardEasy solutions are designed, developed and maintained by Syntec, a PCI DSS Level 1 service provider since 2011; Visa Merchant Agent; Participating Organization of the global Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council; and fully ISO 27001, 9001, 22301 and 14001 accredited.

The cardeasy suite

More than just one solution

All the CardEasy secure payment solutions work seamlessly together, as well as integrating with your existing systems, ensuring that your customers receive a consistent and user-friendly payment experience whatever channel they decide to use.

Whether you choose to use CardEasy for agent assisted, IVR payment or digital payments (or all three), DTMF masking means that your customers’ payment card data is never seen or heard by your agents, or stored in your environment or call recordings, meaning your environment is fully de-scoped from the PCI DSS controls.