CardEasy clients optimize call quality and reliability with Flowroute, the most resilient cloud telephony in the United States.

What is Flowroute?

Flowroute is a 100% cloud-based SIP trunking platform that gives contact centers everything they need to run mission-critical voice applications. The secret to Flowroute’s reliability is its patented HyperNetwork, which meshes multiple carriers into a single telecom network, delivering superior reliability and reach.

When it comes to telephony, connection is key. Flowroute creates an optimal connection that maximizes call quality, reliability and control.

Why use Flowroute?

CardEasy clients choose Flowroute to reduce their telephony costs on inbound and outbound calls.

• Flowroute offers unprecedented reliability with redundant call paths.

• Flowroute mitigates outage time by quickly detecting network impairments and re-routing traffic so both inbound and outbound calls are successfully connected.

• Flowroute delivers smooth, high-quality connections that you can rely on.

Key Flowroute features

Cloud-BasedReliable, scalable, and easy to deploy 100% cloud-based SIP trunking.
SimplicityProvides reliable and scalable 100% cloud-based SIP trunking.
Improve costCardEasy clients benefit from significant cost savings on both inbound and outbound calls.
FlexibleCustomers can scale up/down an unlimited number of concurrent calls and paths.
QualityCalls are delivered directly to their destination without any disruption in the media path.
RedundancyQuick, seamless and reliable inbound and outbound call redundancy.
HyperNetworkRedundant communication paths that seamlessly switches SIP routes in the event of an outage or degradation.
Reduces downtimeReduce downtime, resulting in better customer experience and less opportunity loss.
Millions of calls routed through Flowroute per monthOur top five customers alone route more than 12 million minutes and 4.5 million calls through Flowroute each month.
* Flowroute is only available with CardEasy IVR or CardEasy Agent Assist

The cardeasy suite

More than just one solution

All the CardEasy secure payment solutions work seamlessly together, as well as integrating with your existing systems, ensuring that your customers receive a consistent and user-friendly payment experience whatever channel they decide to use.nnWhether you choose to use CardEasy for agent assisted, IVR or digital payments (or all three), your customers’ payment card data is never seen or heard by your agents, or stored in your environment or call recordings, meaning your environment is fully de-scoped from the PCI DSS controls.