CardEasy can be integrated with any telephony provider, CCaaS platform, CRM system, and payment provider

We take a consultative approach to integrations

One of the things that sets CardEasy apart from its competitors is the way in which it seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and agent workflows. CardEasy enables flexible integration with your existing telephony arrangements, contact center systems, payment and tokenization service providers.

No two businesses are identical. That’s why, unlike many other vendors, we don’t force you into a predefined integration workflow. In fact, CardEasy allows you to retain control of the payment journey, which results in a better customer and agent experience. From your telephony provider and CCaaS platform  to your payment or tokenization services provider, CRM and more, we take the time to understand the specific requirements of your contact center ecosystem.

Some vendors may lock you into their preferred telephony providers, contact center platforms, or forms of integrations. We offer complete freedom in this regard. CardEasy will work seamlessly within your existing environment.

Often an integration can usually be done in several different ways. Where there’s more than one possible integration route available to you, we will lay out the options with the pros and cons of each, helping you to make an informed decision about the option that works best for your organization rather than presenting you with a single option.

Whatever integration approach you ultimately decide to take, we ensure that it is flexible enough to change and adapt as your needs change. You may change voice provider in the future. Perhaps you’ll want to switch to a different CRM system or a new tokenization provider. You can do so, confident that CardEasy gives you the flexibility you need.

Ultimately, our objective is to integrate CardEasy seamlessly into your existing systems in such a way that nobody knows it is there. CardEasy sits in the background, working with your telephony, your CRM systems and your payment or tokenization provider in a way that’s completely unobtrusive with no significant changes to your agents’ workflow.

Once your secure payment solution is in place, it’s in for a long time so it really is worth spending the time to get the integration right to ensure that both your customers and your agents have the best experience from day one.