Major US healthcare benefits firm

The client in this case is a major healthcare benefits management firm based in the USA.

The challenge

The organization generates a minority of its revenue from credit card payments taken over the phone, so it did not want to make a large investment in PCI compliance but rather to de-scope from PCI altogether. It was also important to be able to demonstrate to callers that credit card payments were being taken in the most secure way possible.

Why CardEasy?

There were a number of factors that drove the organization’s decision to implement the CardEasy solution.

  • CardEasy offered a hosted solution – The organization has four locations that take calls so did not want the expense associated with installing an on premise solution across all four locations.
  • Speed of implementation – Other providers were quoting installation times of six to nine months whereas CardEasy was able to offer a hosted solution to be up and running in all the organization’s call centers within four weeks.
  • Customised to deal with specific requirements – During the implementation process the organization came across a number of feature enhancements that were needed. The flexibility of the CardEasy system meant that these could be implemented straight away as part of the process.

The results

The biggest benefit has been that it’s working and that’s what you want, right? We don’t want to hear anything from our contact centers. If we don’t hear anything then that means it’s working as expected, they don’t have any complaints. I always check in and they say, “No problems, it’s working like it’s supposed to.” That’s what’s important.

Chief Information Security Officer

  • "The price was important, and the fact that it was a hosted solution, and the ease of implementation, but it was also really important to find a company that was good to work with. I just found that you guys were just so amazing from sales to tech support; just great to work with. It was probably one of the best implementations that I’ve seen in my career."