Parts Town

Parts Town is one of the largest suppliers of commercial food service parts in the world. It supplies only OEM replacement parts from the manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment such as refrigeration, ovens and cookware.

The role of the contact center

Our contact center serves several purposes. Our customer service team primarily takes orders directly from our customers. Then we also have a technical support team that works directly with the manufacturers of the equipment to perform part lookups and help troubleshoot problems.

Our contact center is divided into different business segments. For example, we have an institution segment that services business that have commercial kitchens, but are not restaurants like hospitals, cruise lines schools and so on. We also have a chains division that services popular quick-service restaurants, the big brand chains.

The contact center operates across multiple sites, including Canada and the US. We have approximately 450 customer service representatives. Currently, due to COVID, we are working remotely, but we do have a very large contact center in Addison, Illinois, as well as Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Craig Schoeberle, Senior Director IT and Infrastructure Management

Why CardEasy?

Where we leverage CardEasy is for security and PCI DSS compliance as we take credit card payments over the phone. As we have taken on the PCI compliance journey, our strategy has been to limit our scope and reduce our Card Data Environment. Basically, we no longer store or process credit cards. CardEasy allowed us to fully de-scope our contact center environment from PCI DSS by providing the ability for payment card data to be captured, processed and tokenized without it ever entering our environment. CardEasy is integrated directly with our credit card processor.

CardEasy works with Parts Town’s existing telephony

We looked at building out this product ourselves using our IVR but ultimately, we felt that it would be very cumbersome, and it would require a lot more maintenance and cost to do it that way. We were very attracted to the CardEasy solution as it supports both our Cisco telephony, as well as our credit card processor. It was very simple to integrate with all of our existing systems. It was a match made in heaven.

Working with the CardEasy team

The folks at CardEasy are amazing to work with. They’re very responsive, very professional, very technical. They really know the product and they’re very passionate about it. They align with our core values at Parts Town. We’re big on innovation, passion, courage and integrity – all that good stuff – and the CardEasy team are as well. It’s been a great experience. We love working with the CardEasy team.

The benefits of implementing CardEasy

We have a much more secure and robust environment which is PCI DSS compliant. CardEasy is a very simple solution to use – for both our customers and our customer service representatives. It’s very easy for the customer to enter their card information, plus it adds a level of security for the customer as well, knowing that their credit card details are being handled safely and securely. CardEasy protects our brand and our reputation.

CardEasy is used by all our contact center agents. Since the original implementation the integration with CardEasy has been extended to support our migration to SAP S/4HANA which is our new ERP system developed by SAP. This has ensured that the CardEasy secure payment process works seamlessly with our new agent workflows.

CardEasy facilitates secure remote working

It works in exactly the same way, whether you’re in the contact center or working remotely and provides our business and our customers with exactly the same benefits. Without CardEasy, we would have been unable to maintain our PCI DSS compliance while remote working and accepting card payments over the phone.  

Would you recommend CardEasy to other organisations?

Absolutely I would. CardEasy is a very simple system to implement, it’s cost-effective and they are a Level 1 service provider, so they are also able to provide all the necessary documentation for a PCI DSS audit.

  • "CardEasy is a very simple system to implement, it’s cost-effective and they are a Level 1 service provider, so they are also able to provide all the necessary documentation for a PCI DSS audit."