Consumer attitudes to payment card security: are organizations doing enough to secure payment card data?


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We have been conducting this research regularly since 2014, giving us a longterm perspective on changing consumer attitudes. We last conducted it in 2021. Much has changed since then.

In 2021 we were in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses were scrambling to adapt to the new reality of remote working and a huge growth in online shopping. Now the world has returned to something approaching normality, this is a good time to review the state of the payments industry and see to what extent the pandemic has changed to consumers’ attitudes and whether the changes we saw during the pandemic are likely to be permanent.

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  • How the payment landscape has changed since 2021
  • How consumer attitudes to telephone payments have changed over the same period
  • Why consumers don’t believe that organizations will keep their card details safe
  • How consumers feel about contact center agents working from home
  • Consumers’ expectations of a secure omni-channel shopping experience
  • Which telephone payment method consumers prefer

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