CardEasy offers a full suite of solutions for all your secure payment and call recording needs

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CardEasy offers a full suite of solutions for all your secure payment and call recording needs

CardEasy is probably best known for its Agent Assist solution, which fully de-scopes contact center environments from PCI DSS, but enables your contact center agents to take secure payments from your customers whilst on a live call. The customer enters their card numbers using the keypad of their phone (or advanced speech recognition if they prefer) whilst on the call with the agent. The agent neither sees or hears the customer’s card details but remains connected to them throughout.

However, we also offer a complete suite of secure customer engagement solutions designed to help you with a range of other payment use cases.

CardEasy IVR payments enable your customers to make self-service payments without speaking to an agent

In IVR mode customers can make payment either using their telephone keypad or by using speech recognition if they prefer. IVR is ideal for taking regular, recurring payments such as the payment of utility bills or subscriptions – relatively straightforward transactions where no agent assistance is needed.

Your IVR prompts the customer to enter or read out their payment card details but the data is only captured by CardEasy, not by your IVR. While the customer is speaking or typing their card numbers, CardEasy automatically blocks the speech path towards the IVR so that it does not ‘hear’ the payment card data, thus de-scoping the IVR from PCI DSS completely.

This is ideal for balance payments, donations, subscription services and other regular transactional payments where agent assistance is not required and enables you to take payments 24/7. This is possible either utilizing your existing IVR or the fully hosted CardEasy solution.

Many clients use both CardEasy Agent Assist and CardEasy IVR payments

For example, Avon cosmetics offers its representatives the ability to make payments either using an automated IVR system or during a call with a live agent. Where possible, Avon representatives are encouraged to direct customers to the IVR system to make payments but if customers prefer to make the payment on a call with an agent then they can. This might be because they have a question or something else that they need to discuss with an agent. It can also be because they’re just not comfortable using an IVR system for whatever reason and prefer to deal with a real person. With CardEasy both options are supported.

It’s also possible to start with one method and add the other later. Allied Irish Bank is an example of a client who did this, starting with agent assisted payments and adding IVR later.

CardEasy Digital offers secure digital payments via the customer’s channel of choice

Consumers now expect to be able to make reliable and secure payments via their digital platform of choice, whether that’s email, SMS, webchat, social media or any other digital channel. CardEasy Digital offers a full suite of omnichannel payment solutions that keep your customers’ data safe whilst ensuring PCI DSS compliance.

When using CardEasy Digital there are no restrictions on the applications your agents can use, meaning they can take secure payments via all your existing engagement channels. As with all CardEasy solutions, your contact center environment and agents are never exposed to your customers’ payment details, which fully de-scopes both from PCI DSS.

When a customer is talking to an agent via a digital channel and needs to make a payment, the agent generates and sends a single-use secure HTML payment link or QR code. This provides the customer a secure branded payment page on which they enter their payment details. 

For any live chat options, the agent remains connected to the customer at all times during the transaction. CardEasy Digital provides the agent with real-time visibility of the customer’s progress, but the card details are only visible as asterisks. 

If payment is requested via email or SMS channels, the agent can send the customer a secure link to complete payment, which can be set to expire after a chosen duration. 

Once card data is captured, it is securely submitted by CardEasy to your payment services provider for authorization. The transaction is completed and communicated back in real-time to your agent and back-office systems.

CardEasy Secure Call Recording enables you to turn your call recordings into valuable business intelligence

CardEasy’s new Secure Call Recording solution elevates call recording from being a routine necessity into a source of real value in an organization. Calls are recorded securely and then automatically transcribed and awarded a ‘sentiment score’, enabling managers to identify key moments in conversations and ‘take the temperature’ of customer interactions quickly and easily without having to listen to thousands of calls.

Rather than viewing call recording as an administrative burden, our Secure Call Recording solution moves it to being a real driver of business transformation. Managers can quickly and easily identify individual issues with calls as well as tracking longer term trends in customer sentiment.

Ensure operational continuity in your contact center

If your contact center relies on a single Telco which is unable to deliver calls to you or enable you to make outbound calls for whatever reason, even for a short time, then your organization can find itself without voice connectivity. Reliance on a single Telco means that you’re effectively at the mercy of their continuity plan. If your Telco suffers an outage, then you do too.

This is a significant risk, even if your contact center is only a small part of your operations. Any contact center downtime represents potentially significant amounts of lost revenue and reputational damage from which it can be hard to recover.

Flowroute, available exclusively to CardEasy customers, removes reliance on a single Telco. If an inbound call for your contact center is received and the route that call would normally take is unavailable, Flowroute will automatically select an alternative route so that the call does not fail but instead passes through on another route. The same is true for outbound calls.  

Flowroute’s ability to detect the kinds of network issues that happen all the time in voice infrastructure, and the way it can instantaneously reroute your call traffic, removes the risk of outage time in your contact center due to a single Telco failure, minimizing the impact of disruptions and helping maintain vital operational continuity.

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