Expert insight: Graeme Simpson, UK Application Support Analyst at Hiscox UK

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Expert insight: Graeme Simpson, UK Application Support Analyst at Hiscox UK

Graeme Simpson is the UK Application Support Analyst at Hiscox. Graeme is responsible for maintaining the applications which are assigned to the UK. Currently there are around 100 UK applications to be maintained. Hiscox offers tailored insurance solutions to help clients across all areas of life, from business to home.

Q: How many call centers do you have and what are your call volumes?

Our main call center is based in York and it typically handles several hundred calls a day. 

Q: What is the strategic significance of your call centers?

Our customers will often want the additional support and reassurance that talking to a call center rep offers. So the role of the call center is important to our customers and our business.

Q: Can you explain the decision to purchase CardEasy?

In the past, most policy setup was done by manually collecting direct debit or credit card details. The card details were taken over the phone and input manually by call agents. New regulation meant that customers had to input their own card details so there would be no risk of agents hearing credit card numbers. 

Q: What benefits have you seen since implementing CardEasy?

Our relationship with Syntec is a lot better than some previous suppliers we have worked with. They always come back quickly with answers to our issues.

The CardEasy platform means that we are not inputting customer card details which takes the onus off us for making mistakes. So this reduces the worry and risk for us. There is also the regulatory benefit which means we are protected.

Q: Thinking for a minute about the pandemic, can you summarise the effect on the contact center and your industry?

As agents started working from home, our setup was no longer correct for CardEasy. Eventually we got compatible phones issued to call center staff and that made it easier.

I believe the pandemic has forced businesses to be more resilient and to make sure there are more contingency plans for future proofing. For example we now have the capability for staff to work from home or in the office. I also think most businesses will also be more cautious as a result of the pandemic. 

Q: Would you recommend CardEasy to other organizations?

I would definitely recommend them, we’ve not had any issues. The service has always been good and the support team have been great to work with and always help us resolve any issues.