CardEasy for retailers

CardEasy enables retailers to de-scope their contact center environment and call recordings from PCI DSS, including both voice and digital channels. Seamless integration with existing telephony and IT infrastructure reduces the risks and costs associated with managing compliant card payment transactions in contact centers, whilst improving customer experience and trust.

De-scope your contact center from PCI DSS

Secure card payments via telephone or digital channels

Using CardEasy removes the risk of payment card fraud within your contact center by preventing your agents from hearing or seeing payment card data, automatically blocking it from your screen and call recording (without the need for a pause/resume function) and preventing it from entering your contact center systems and networks. CardEasy offers retailers three modes – agent assisted payments whilst on a live call with a customer, automated IVR payments where no agent support is needed, and payment via any digital channel of choice (SMS, webchat, email, social media).

Why CardEasy is the best option for retailers

CardEasy eliminates the risk of customers’ card details being breached by ensuring that they never enter the retailer’s contact center environment in the first place. Contact center agents are prevented from hearing or seeing payment card data and it is automatically blocked from screen and call recordings, without the need for a pause / resume function.

CardEasy also facilitates omnichannel retailing, enabling retailers to take secure payments through any channel, be it telephone (via live agent or self-service IVR), email, SMS, social media, web chat or any other digital channel.

How CardEasy works

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What other retailers say about CardEasy

“The level of engagement we’ve had from the CardEasy team has been great. The selling points of CardEasy are obviously that it has an attractive price point and its ease of use, but the biggest selling point, certainly from my perspective as the IT service delivery manager, is the level of service that we get from the CardEasy team. For me, that’s worth its weight in gold.” Read the full case study.
Ashley Hill – IT Service Delivery Manager, Sofology
“We wanted to further enhance data security in our call centre and decided to use Syntec’s secure phone keypad payment (DTMF), as it’s important to our customers that our payment solution is safe and easy to use. CardEasy works just as effectively for callers in the USA, Germany and Australia as in the UK.” Read the full case study.
Simon Kerry – Chief Information Officer, Charles Tyrwhitt
“CardEasy is a very simple solution to use – for both our customers and our customer service representatives. It’s very easy for the customer to enter their card information, plus it adds a level of security for the customer as well, knowing that their credit card details are being handled safely and securely. CardEasy protects our brand and our reputation.” Read the full case study.
Craig Schoeberle – Senior Director IT and Infrastructure Management, Parts Town
“Miele selected Syntec’s pioneering, hosted CardEasy system to enrich customer service whilst de-scoping us from large sections of PCI DSS regulations, which otherwise require significant cost and effort to satisfy.” Read the full case study.
Paul Aram – IT Manager, Miele
“One of the good things about CardEasy is that it is payment processor or acquirer agnostic so you have one solution that fits all of your customers. Generally, the amount of effort that CardEasy has had to put it in from an integration perspective has been very little, which has been really good. Confidence levels are high. Everything is good.” Read the full case study.
Jason Earnshaw – SSC Technology and Projects Manager, Avon
The cardeasy suite

More than just one solution

All the CardEasy secure payment solutions work seamlessly together, as well as integrating with your existing systems, ensuring that your customers receive a consistent and user-friendly payment experience whatever channel they decide to use.nnWhether you choose to use CardEasy for agent assisted, IVR or digital payments (or all three), your customers’ payment card data is never seen or heard by your agents, or stored in your environment or call recordings, meaning your environment is fully de-scoped from the PCI DSS controls.